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CNC Carving

Oman Graphics Co LLC have extensive experience in CNC to meet your desires!


Work using CNC Routers for cutting and engraving in Oman

Wood sculptures are not only a great way to adorn your favourite spot, but they’re also a great method to express yourself. CNC wood cutting is a fantastic way to turn a piece of wood into a work of art. Wood carvings and sculptures have the power to transform a drab area into a sophisticated one. And these items may be utilised in a variety of places, including as wall art, front doors, dressing rooms, and living rooms. If you enjoy wood interiors, C.N.C. wood cutting may help you make them even more beautiful. When it comes to decorating their homes, people are enthusiastic love antiques. The mix of wood and metallic antiquities is ideal. We have a group of competent professionals at Oman Graphics Co LLC that can handle all of your wood cutting needs, from the initial drawing to the finished product and delivery.

Our CNC cutting services are available for the following materials

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the foundation of every industry on the planet. CNC machining services for interior and exterior decorating are available from OMAN GRAPHICS CO LLC.

PVC Forex Sheets

PVC FOREX sheets are less expensive and lighter than other materials. & often used in gift boxes, chocolate boxes, and wedding presents, among other things. OMAN GRAPHICS CO LLC can provide CNC Laser Cutting Services to help you test out your ideas.


Aluminium is a popular choice for both interior and outdoor décor. It’s also popular for interior and outdoor décor panels, windows, and doors in villas.

As a result, Oman Graphics Co LLC is here to provide you with a CNC solution!

Composite panel

For towers, villas, offices, and showrooms, composite panels have gained a reputation for heat insulation and a good-looking appearance.

Oman Graphics Co LLC offers cutting and sizing machinery that is state of the art, allowing us to cut and size exactly as per your approved design!


MDF is used in the backbone of furniture, sofas, beds, wall partitions, curtain ornamental front panels, and wall sceneries.

The process of CNC wood cutting begins with the creation of a design on a computer using drawing software such as Auto CAD or Coral Draw. The design is then passed from the computer to the CNC equipment, which instructs it to begin cutting. You may use any typeface or arbitrary forms, such as those seen in logos or basic line drawings, to create your designs. CNC routers may be set to create exact, repeatable cuts on flat or low-elevation wood or plastic projects, whereas CNC mills can be designed to convert blocks of steel or other materials into engine components, brackets, and other amazing metal creations. Using an engraving router, you may create unique wood furniture, moulding, and more.

Oman's CNC Router Cutting Suppliers and Dealers

We understand that it’s not simply a piece of wood to you; it’s a part of your home, workplace, or other establishment. As a result, we try to be the greatest each and every day. We appreciate each and every consumer who has chosen us and supported us throughout the years. Our wood cutting services may be customized to meet your needs.

All you need to know about CNC Carving

Oman Graphics guarantee 100% client satisfaction by personalizing each and every product. So, if you’re thinking of doing some wood cutting, don’t hesitate.

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