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Our experienced carpentry team is comprised of master tradesman who specialize in producing detailed, high quality finishes and sturdy workmanship that is designed to last a lifetime


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Counter displays are used by businesses to improve their branding. They’re used in retail businesses to highlight things and make them more noticeable to customers. Products may be explored and picked up for quick purchase in display units, making them easily accessible. Counter displays that are strategically placed, according to marketers, can entice customers to make impulsive purchases. They take up less room because of their small size and may be utilised to cover vacant spots on counters, tables, and mall podiums. In addition, such display displays provide excellent brand presence in real stores.

Carpentry Services in Oman

Counter Display

Counter display stands are a strong branding tool in our opinion at Oman Graphics. As a result, when a customer employs us to handle their creative branding needs, we focus on building up multi-featured display stands. Our in-house designers experiment with new ideas to guarantee that the client’s brand stands out. The designing step takes longer since it builds the groundwork for the ultimate result. We place a high value on the client’s participation in this phase to ensure that their specific demands and expectations are addressed.

Glass and acrylic display units with bespoke display holes are available from us. No matter what sort of items you offer, our designers and fabricators will create display slots that meet your specifications. We employ high-quality close-up photographs of in-store graphics on counter displays to make them seem beautiful, as shown in our portfolio. Most of our clients have also added LED lights and mirrors to their stands for aesthetic and accessibility reasons. Aside from that, our counter display stands are versatile, allowing them to be transferred from one counter to the next. This is especially useful because the location of these stands has a significant influence on customers. The goal is to catch them just when they’re about to make a decision.

Our full-featured fabrication equipment is used to create our counter displays. We’ve assigned highly experienced people to oversee the production process from start to finish. At Oman Graphics, we do not cut corners when it comes to quality. Our primary goal is to create high-quality display units that enhance your brand’s identity and distinguish it from the competition.

One of Oman’s Leading Kiosk Manufacturers

We recognize that your project is one-of-a-kind. This makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

We’re in a great spot as a retail partner. Vacuum forming, carpentry, metal fabrication, and a state-of-the-art painting division are all part of our fully equipped production facility. Our ability to bring together a variety of materials under one roof creates an infinite stream of new options.


Innovative Mall Kiosk Displays from Oman's Best Kiosk Manufacturers

Oman Graphics has been offering kiosk fabrication services in the previous few of years. Our professionals, who keep up with the newest industry trends, enable us to deliver this Kiosk fabrication service. Our kiosks are built with cutting-edge tools and technology.

Mall kiosks, shop in store kiosks, vending kiosks, visual merchandising, and other sorts of kiosks are available through our Kiosk services. Cosmetics, electronics, banking, retail, corporate, petroleum, mall, entertainment, perfume, and film are just a few of the industries where we provide Kiosk services.

Kiosks come in a range of sizes and are painted in various colours. Our kiosks are constructed of materials that are both waterproof and fireproof. One of the reasons why prior clients return to us is because our expert designers and builders ensure that your brand name has an impressive design and structure.

The General Process


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The specialists at Oman Graphics understand the value of first impressions, therefore they use styles and concepts that will grab anyone’s attention and lure them to our client. We are one of the greatest mall kiosk manufacturers in Oman because we provide one of the most comprehensive individualized client services. Our technical staff, like any other of our services, will guide you through the process of creating your kiosk so that you finish up with a beautiful and appealing kiosk.

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So, what do you have to lose? If you need a kiosk to assist you grow your business while also providing a strong first impression for your brand, call Oman Graphics to hire our kiosk services at a cost that is competitive with the market.

We use the greatest technology and want to have our clients trust in our efforts. Our team constantly make an effort to go the additional mile.

We constantly go above and above to ensure that our consumers are satisfied, and work hard to exceed their expectations.

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